The Office of International Affairs is based in STIKI Malang represents in relations with local and national partners who collaborate with STIKI Malang on international projects. We host international visitors and delegations, conference, visiting scholars and international exchange students and lecturers.

We believe that students must have an appreciation globally. That’s why the OIA is committed to supporting and assisting the college community with international related-concerns. We also responsible in providing information and assistance for overseas activities. In light of the recent issues and its implications for our college community, we want to provide additional information and resources for those students, faculty and staff who are affected or who may have concerns.

We invite you to explore our website, connect with us and discover the breadth of the STIKI Malang’s global impact. We encourage you to learn more about our accomplishments, our strategic programs to build upon our success and deepen our international partnerships both academic and non-academic purposes.


Welcome to our journey and let’s change the World