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STIKI Malang Goes International: Success in Student Mobility at ASEAN-China Forum

Malang, December 7, 2023 – Sekolah Tinggi Informatika & Komputer Indonesia (STIKI) Malang has successfully participated in the Forum for ASEAN – China Private Higher Education Development and Cooperation & The 3rd Annual Meeting of ACAPHEI. This annual event, organized by The ASEAN-China Alliance of Private Higher Education Institutions (ACAPHEI), took place at the University of Sanya, Hainan, China, from December 5-6, 2023.

In an effort to advance higher education collaboration between ASEAN and China, STIKI Malang took part in the Student Mobility program. This program allowed five Visual Communication Design students from STIKI Malang to exchange knowledge and experiences with students from the Guiyang Institute of Science and Technology through online platforms. The activities took place via the Xinwei platform and involved 14 sessions from September to October 2023.

One of the significant moments of STIKI Malang’s participation was during the Discussion Exchange Programme on December 6, 2023, at the University of Sanya. Fadila Rahmadita, a representative of STIKI Malang, presented collaborative results with a student from the Guiyang Institute of Science and Technology in this international forum. This success laid the foundation for the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between STIKI Malang and the Guiyang Institute of Science and Technology, marking their commitment to continuing the Student Mobility program in the future.

STIKI Malang’s involvement in this activity aims not only to provide valuable experiences to its students but also to open up new collaboration opportunities with Chinese educational institutions. This aligns with ACAPHEI’s goal of supporting the development and collaboration between higher education institutions in the ASEAN region and China.

Furthermore, STIKI Malang’s participation is expected to maintain harmony among higher education institutions in China and Southeast Asia. The Student Mobility program provides an opportunity to share and integrate resources, ultimately enhancing the quality of student learning. The financial support received by STIKI Malang is also a significant added value.

Through this experience, STIKI Malang has proven itself as an active player on the international stage, especially within the ACAPHEI framework. It is hoped that STIKI Malang can continue to contribute and participate in future international forums, including The 6th ASEAN-China Forum and The 4th Annual Meeting of The ASEAN – China Alliance scheduled for November 14–15, 2024, at Sripatum University, Bangkok. Thus, STIKI Malang ensures its involvement in fostering mutually beneficial and sustainable higher education cooperation.

STIKI is committed to facilitating various student activities that support both academic and non-academic achievements. As a higher education institution with a focus on ICT, STIKI Malang opens opportunities for the younger generation to join in developing competencies and creativity that align with future needs. STIKI Malang is committed to preparing graduates who are capable and ready to compete in the evolving landscape.