Credit Transfer Program is an international program which facilitating mobility of international students or foreign learners and the students of STIKI Malang. Students of this program earn some academic credits by attending courses in different college, university or school. The students accept the credits based upon dual enrollment or other forms of collaboration between STIKI Malang and its partners overseas. In a nutshell, Transfer Credit is the acceptance of prior learning represented in course units or credits applied and articulated (denoted) on a student’s academic transcript. Transfer courses are generally not counted into the GPA of the receiving institution. However, they may be recorded to show the level of performance in the course transferred, as well as other attributes such as when the course was taken. Transfer credit generally covers formal course work. Credit by examinations, experiential learning credit and external training credits are all treated like transfer credits. The students may choose whether to join the program for one semester or two semesters.

College transfer refers to the movement of students from one college, university or school to another. It is the process by which transfer credits representing educational experiences, courses, degrees or credentials are accepted or not accepted by a receiving institution. Acceptance of transfer credit is determined by the receiving institution’s transfer policy. When the college or university determines whether and how much credit to apply to your individual degree plan, that credit will then appear on your official academic transcript of the institution. Typically grades are not included with the transfer process, so they are not factored in as part of the grade point average (GPA).


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The exchange program aims to encourage students to gain experience, expand, and strengthen networks, as well as a better understanding of foreign socio-cultural issues with overseas students and communities.



The Internship Program is an internship program at a university that collaborates with STIKI Malang. Students will have an internship for 1 month or more abroad in accordance with their respective study programs.


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