Student Internship Exchange Program 2018

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STIKI Malang has became one of the Universities coorperating in the SEA-TVET Consorsium (Southeast Asian Technical and Vocational Education and Training Consorsium) and IKCS (Indonesia Korea Culture & Study).

STIKI Malang received three foreign students, joining the Student Internship Exhange Program.Two  of them were from Korea, Lee Jeong Im and Han Na Shim, who joined the IKCS 2018, and the last one was originally from Philippines, Renz, who joined the first batch of SEA-TVET Consorsium.

The student were being placed in accordance with their major and their personal interests. Both Lee Joeng Im and Han Na Shim were placed in the Office of International Affairs as teachers to teach STIKI stwonosari Tea Plantation, soy bean cake, batik and ceramic souvenirs. udents and High School Students with Korean language. They also visited some local industry such as  As for Renz, he was assigned to make a website at KapanLagi Network, which is one of the partnership companies of STIKI Malang.

The whole agenda for the students were varies. Except following the internship program, the students were participated in other activities related to local culture. They visited some historical activities related to local culture. They visited some historical and famous places in Malang and beyond. The places that they visited were Singosari Temple, Jago Temple, Panji Museum, The Colorful Village, also Gatra Beach. They also went to make their own Batik at Batik Celaket and make their own ceramic glasses at Dinoyo Ceramic.

Apart from the recreation agenda, STIKI Malang also made an event for the foreign students, one of the events is ‘Cultural Perfomance’. The Korean and Cambodian students were performing a traditional dance from Malang, and Renz was singing in front of the crowd. Another event was ‘Food Festival’, this festival aims to introduce food from Indonesi.The students, employees, and facultymembers of STIKI presented Indonesian traditional food. Meanwhile, the foreign students presented the food of their country. Han Na and Jeong Im made Dalkbokkeumtang, which is a typical Korean chicken soup. Sorin and Vanda, the exchange students in STIKI Malang, made their typical Steamed Chicked with Coconut Water. They also made the typical sauce of Cambodia.

As it was called ‘exchange’ earlier, STIKI Malang also sent students to join the Student Internship Program abroad. The campus sent two students, Lezus Tri Atmaja and Rosihan Andin Pambudi. Lezus was placed at Pengasinan State University in Philippines, and Rosihan was placed at E-Tech University in Thailand. This group of students attended the Internship on January and ends on mid February.

Lezus shared his experience while he was doing his internship in Thailand at the Gathering and Sharing for SEA-TVET at STIKI Malang last month. The next batch for SEA-TVET was announced and it will be held on August 2018. “This program will be an annual program and it will be held every semester.”, said  Zusana E. Pudyastuti, S.S, M.Pd., Head of Office of International Affairs, STIKI Malang.