STIKI’s Student Teaching Arduino in Polytechnic Ungku Omar

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It’s Agnes Nola’s 11th day in Ipoh, Malaysia. Today, Nola got a special mission of teaching basic Arduino to Mechatronics staff and students of Polytechnic Ungku Omar (PUO), Ipoh, Malaysia. Arduino is a microprocessor or a small version of brain inside a computer, capable of doing many stuffs. You can use it as a base for checking soil humidity, parking sensor, traffic lights, and many others. For today, She only teach about what is Arduino, how to use it, and such. During the first few minutes of the teaching, She used it to taught them about parts of Arduino. Starting from the pins, which one is for ground, which one is for digital, which one is for analog, what does tilde(~) symbol means, and how do you connect it to a computer.

After they understand the basics of Arduino boad, Nola moved on to the coding. Since the students happened to not bring their laptop that day, She decided to just demonstrate first. She taught them about the 2 main section in Arduino programming which was setup and loop. Then She taught them how to use those sections to make a simple program that can create a blinking effect on LED which was basically just turning it on then off repeatedly.

Once that the code is done, we moved on to assembling the Arduino. Nola asked one of the student to help me with this, hoping that it would ease the tension and made the other students not nervous anymore. Thankfully, that method works and the other students were willing to come forward and modify the code, experimenting with more LEDs, and most importantly, had fun.

“It was a very interesting experience teaching in PUO, I hope that this experience will bring a great result when I got back to Indonesia” Nola’s statement.