SEA-TVET Internship Exhange Programme

Objectives of SEA-TVET Student Internship Exchange

The objectives of the SEA-TVET Student Internship Exchange are as follows:

  1. To enhance global competitiveness, knowledge and technical skills of TVET students
  2. To improve inter-cultural understanding, regional perspectives, and English communication of students
  3. To provide employable opportunities for students


Implementation Process of the 3rd Batch of SEA-TVET Student Internship Exchange

  • Age of Students

The students should be at least 18 years old.

  • Important Requirements about Students:

It is agreed that the qualified students should:

  1. Voluntary basis and determine
  2. Be able to communicate in English well
  3. Have good academic performance and technical skills in the area of major study
  4. Good attitude, friendly, flexible, good problem-solving
  5. Maturity, and readiness
  6. Have enough financial support from parents
  7. Good health (no disease or personal health disorder)
  8. Be able to travel abroad during the internship schedule
  • Document Requirement for Students

The qualified student should have the following documents for ensuring the travel preparation

  1. Student profile and transcript
  2. Valid passport longer than 8 months
  3. Visa (For the student who will have exchange for over 30 days)
  4. Health certification
  5. International Health and Travel Insurance


Option 1: Individual international health insurance is required for individual student. The group health insurance is not recommended as it is too limited.

Option 2: If the students cannot proceed international health insurance due to availability in their home town, all incurred medical expenses in another country must be paid by sending institutions/parents. The expenses can be reimbursable.

  • The student must pass the “Online Interview” by the Receiving Institutions
  1. It is compulsory that all participating students should pass the online interview process conducted by the Receiving Institutions. Therefore the eligibility of the students will be ensured by the sending and receiving institutions.
  2. The participation of industry in the interview process can be invited (optional).
  • Cancellation of Students after Passing the Online Interview

The cancellation of students must be informed to the Office of International Affairs BEFORE the offline interview by Office of International Affairs.

  • Schedule and Duration of the Internship Exchange

Traveling schedule of option II: Starting Sat. 9 February 2019 – 10 March 2019 (30 days), including travel day (both arrival and departure)

  • Programme Structure

It was agreed during the meeting that the 3rd batch of SEA-TVET Student Internship Exchange can be conducted for the duration of 1 month or 30 days.

Within 1 month of internship period, the programme should consist of the following components:

  1. 1st week: Orientation, observing class at the receiving institutions
  2. 2nd – 4th week: Internship with industry
  3. Excursions/cultural visits should be organized during the weekend.
Programme Structure SEA-TVET Internship Exchange

Pre-departure Preparation

To prepare the students before departure, it is necessary that the Institutions should ensure and provide the followings to the students:

  • Intensive English Training
  1. Intensive English Training should be provided to the outbound students by the sending institutions prior to the departure. SEAMEO needs cooperation of all institutions to ensure the English ability of outbound students.
  • Orientation by Institutions
  1. Sending Institutions should provide sufficient information about the SEA-TVET Programme, including the programme objectives and student’s expectations.
  • Sending Institutions must conduct “Pre-Departure Orientation” to students, covering contents of:
  1. Travel preparation
  2. Manner and behaviors
  3. Work ethics
  4. Do’s and Dont’s, etc.
  • Receiving Institutions must conduct “On-Arrival Orientation” to students, covering contents of:
  1. Facilities
  2. Traveling and food
  3. Do’s and Dont’s
  4. Safety and security
  5. Work ethics, industry internship
  6. In-campus Medical Service
  7. Jobs cope

Report and Certification

The meeting agreed as follows:

  • The Coordinating Teachers of sending institutions shall ensure that the students will submit the following report to SEAMEO at the end of internship.
  1. Self-report by Blog.
  • The blog address of students should be provided to SEAMEO Secretariat at the end of the internship.
  1. Company Supervisor Evaluation Form
  2. Online Overall Project Evaluation Form for Students.

SEAMEO Secretariat will issue e-Certificate of Completion only for the students who completely submit their blog address and evaluation forms to the person in charge of SEAMEO Secretariat.

Self-report by Blog Examples :


Expenses During SEA-TVET Internship Exchange


All documents are shared on the Office of International Affairs Website


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